Wie-yi T. Lauw

RAIZVANGUARDA welcomes the new artist, Wie-Yi T. Lauw. She is currently working, in collaboration, with our other artist in residence, Roberto Uribe Castro. The two Berlin-based artists are working on several projects involving the burnt forests around Góis. To find out more about their projects, read the interview below.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do?
I work within the fields of spatial phenomena and context, mostly with site-specific installation or photography. I like to explore relationships within different criteria e.g. between body and space, or things and time, ephemeral subjects and materials. At the moment I am experimenting with different media like clay, which is totally new and exciting for me.

Where are you from? What is your educational background?
I was born in Vienna with Indonesian-Chinese roots. I was educated in photography and fine arts.

What attracted you to come to RV as a resident?
The landscape and the chance to work so closely with the locals. And just being a neighbor for a while.

What project are you working on?
I worked with Roberto before, we share common interests – that’s why we quickly got very focused on the theme of the fire in the woods around Gois.
We created a sculpture referring to what happened in 2017 out of materials we found on site.

What is your favorite part of RV?
The people are definitely great. It was a pleasure to meet the other artists. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. As well as to get to know the people in the little village, most of them were very easy to communicate with and very helpful! Thanks!

If you want to see more of Lauw’s work, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

You can also watch the video
of Lauw and Castro, where they explain more about their project.