Village with many roads

Young people living in rural and geographically isolated areas are very often faced with a lot of challenges in their everyday life, e.g. high unemployment rate, low salaries, depopulation, brain drain, lack of information about new opportunities, few cultural activities. From an economic and social perspective, the needs of young people for positive youth development are not being met, putting them in a highly vulnerable position. Much suggests, that is why many youth in rural areas sometimes have low self-esteem and motivation, lack of ambitions, no interest in local policy, narrow point of view. In turn, this leads to growing prejudices and discrimination in society. Furthermore, there is an invisible but complex issue of identity for youth in rural settings.

Participating in the international youth exchange can help young people to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable them to take an active role in society, and create further opportunities beyond the project.

In March, RAIZVANGUARDA hosted 30 young people from Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal, in the frames of the project Village With Many Roads (VMR). Funded by Agência Nacional Erasmus+ Juventude em Ação, VMR was an international youth exchange that brought together young people from rural areas. They had the opportunity to explore the issue of rural identity and diversity through artistic methods, trying different mediums such as theatre, photography, sketching and handicrafts.

During the project, the participants organized an intercultural evening at the local fire station and a cultural presentation at the local market with the participation of the local community

The project took place in Góis, central Portugal.

Partners: Asociacija “Mes-Jaunimas” (Lithuania), AO “Phoenix” (Moldova), Colorful House (Georgia) and Mykolaivksa Miska Molodizhna Hromadska Organizatsiya “Iskra” (Ukraine).

Luis Carvalho

Director & National Project Development Manager