Help X and Work Away

We’re based in an old primary school, with the ambition to transform the building and its surroundings into an active community art space through workshops and regular events; making use of the large rooms and outdoor space available. We hope that through Helpx and Work Away we can meet like-minded people who are keen and interested in helping to develop the space on a short-term basis in exchange for food and accommodation.

Examples of work required:
– some restoration
– electrical work (depending on skills)
– construction work
– decorating (indoor & outdoor)
– gardening and landscaping
– fence building
– carpentry
– plumbing
– general maintenance of space

If you are currently registered for either Help X or Work Away, please get in touch via our profiles below:

Help X Profile

Work Away Profile

Local volunteering

We are always open to those who would like to be actively involved in our space and volunteer their time. Whether it is an hour, a day, or a week you’re welcome to get in touch if you are interested in supporting any of our activities or developing your own project. Email geral@raizvanguarda.pt for more information.