Sevda Khatamian - Pt. 2

Our former artist in residence Sevda Khatamian has returned to RAIZVANGUARDA (RV) after 3 months in another residency. Keep reading to find out more about her artistic process and current projects. Read her first interview here!

Why did you come back to RV?
My plan was to stay at RV for three months, which was somehow interrupted for some unfortunate reasons. I attended another residency in the south of the country in between, and well, now I’m back. Viewing the glass as half full, I consider this situation as an opportunity to gain new perspectives, and a chance to view my surroundings differently.

What project are you working on now?
The Street is the main project that I’m working on at the moment. It’s a series of animated images reflecting the life I lived in Istanbul. Exploring the idea with images and sounds, and visualizing the story in another medium is what I intend to achieve in this project. It’s the second part of the memoir project that I started a couple years ago, ‘The Street’ is following the book I self-published recently (Morning People.)

How is your project progressing this far?
I’m trying to keep up with the schedule I set for myself: the background drawings, scenes and what to draw in each, frames and animating, and finally assembling the project with sound and music. It can sometimes be slower than I anticipated. And since this is an experimental work, I can go off the track every now and again to explore more ideas.

Have you faced any challenges doing this project?
The whole project is a challenge in a way. I’m experimenting with animating the images and visual elements I had in mind, so every step is a challenge.

Have you developed any new skills during your stay in Portugal?
Due to the lack of time and the huge amount of work that I need to get done by the end of each day, I could say I learned how to work faster. Faster, but more controlled and concentrated!

Do you have any other projects in mind?
I’m trying to sketch down an idea for a film, which is based on the concept of time in human consciousness, and how time works differently in every part of the world. I’m somehow taking advantage of my observations during my travels and that I get to live in different towns for a couple of months.

Has RV, Bordeiro, and Góis influenced your work, process, thoughts etc.?
I enjoy the nature here, the river, the forest and the gorgeous view of the valley from my window, and the freedom brought by my current living situation helps me think and work more productively. I get to shape and develop my upcoming projects more creatively.

If you want to see more of Sevda, go visit her website and watch her video-interview here.