Mariana Rebola

RAIZVANGUARDA (RV) is proud to present the artist, Mariana Rebola, who as a participant of the ROOTS exhibition received a 2-week residency period. To find out what Rebola is working on, read her interview here!

Tell us about yourself, what do you do?
I’m a visual artist, mainly working with collage, drawing and painting at the moment.

In which field of art do you work? What topics are important to you as an artist? What are you passionate about?
I think I am mostly concerned with a person’s growth, within a socially (ethically, morally…) constrained society. Of course, my personal view is strongly constrained itself, by the fact that I am a woman, by my life encounters, by my educational background, etc. But I try to be aware of these circumstances and incorporate or rethink them through the actual work.

Where are you from? What’s your educational background?
I was born in Figueira da Foz and have studied there until moving to Porto, where I have completed a Painting Bachelor degree in 2017. Since then, I have worked as an assistant in art institutions, trying to figure out where to go with my own work in relation to others’, and exhibited both in Portugal and abroad. I am now moving to Belgium for a Master Degree in Fine Arts.

What attracted you to come to RV as a resident?
The location of the residency is quite inspiring, for how remote it is and for the relaxed work atmosphere it provides. But the opportunity to be resident here actually came after showing some work in a collective exhibition organised by RV, on the theme ROOTS.

What project are you currently working on?
I tend to do individual pieces. They might reflect a particular idea or feeling related to social restraints, or function as a way to visually represent my own personal naivety. Currently, my works portray apparently innocent situations with strong sexual undertones, that might be picked up after one goes beyond the “at-first-sight” experience.

What is your favorite part of RV?
I really like the big studios and relaxed atmosphere here. Also, I felt very welcomed by the assistants, who were always very friendly and willing to help.