Performance in Arganil

Legado dos Sentidos, a project created by Claire Sivier (RAIZVANGUARDA) and Elisa Pifferi (Artemista) and developed in partnership with TEIA and CUME, took place on September 1st, in Arganil. The performance combined interactive theatre and music taking the audience on a sensory journey through the past, present and future, inspired by stories of those living in Arganil and surrounding villages!

The event contained a new interactive theatre prototype developed by artists Aiste Noreikaite, Craig Scott, Mauro Buttafava & Pietro Occhiuzzi, during a residency organized by RAIZVANGUARDA and Artemista in Milan, in July.

This event forms part of, Local, Meet International, a partnership project by Artemista (Italy) and Raizvanguarda (Portugal) with support from Tandem Europe, MitOst, and the European Cultural Foundation and in partnership and support from TEIA and CUME.

More information can be found here.

Photos by Margarida Sampaio