I S L A N D (s): Invitation to Participate in RV’s ZINE 2016



Invitation to Participate in RAIZVANGUARDA’s ZINE. Issue One: I S L A N D (s)

A ZINE is an independently or self-published booklet, with small circulation, presented in an unpolished layout and unusual design. Rugged, individualized, and much more charismatic than larger, more popular magazines whose content is often dictated by their advertisers.

Requesting your contribution for our first Zine, a compilation of submissions from creative people all around the world, focusing on the theme of I S L A N D (s). What thoughts, feelings and ideas related move through you upon focusing on the word Island? How does the concept relate to your experiences and work?

Some suggestions for your participation:
– Share any of your creative works including photographs, collages, drawings or any other visual pieces
– Write an article, story or poem related to the theme

How it works:

Step 1. Send a confirmation, a brief summary of your creative contribution, and the signed and scanned copy of  Artist – Organisation Agreement to e-mail: irynakolotylo@raizvanguarda.pt.

Step 2.  Create your piece (collage, article, poem, story, photograph, drawing, etc. ) for the first RV ZINE.

Step 3.  Send your contribution and all additional materials in electronic version to e-mail: irynakolotylo@raizvanguarda.pt. Message subject: RV ZINE, authors name and surname. The files must be sent in PDF or JPEG format and signed by the author. Deadline 31/10/2016.

Step 4. Receive your online copy of RV ZINE issue one.

For further information or questions please contact Iryna Kolotylo at irynakolotylo@raizvanguarda.pt


I S L A N D (s)

Small // Large
Dangerous // Protective
Inhabited // Deserted
Natural // Artificial
Touristic // Undiscovered
Dreams // Fears
Freedom // Claustrophobia
Creativity // Confusion
Found // Lost