Exhibition: ROOTS

On May 23rd, 2018, RAIZVANGUARDA’s exhibition ROOTS opened in the gallery space of Aqui Base Tango in Coimbra, Portugal. The exhibition included 12 works of Portuguese and Portugal-based artists, including paintings, cyanotype, photography, video performances and graphite works.

The artists included in the exhibition were Magriço, Algimantas Černiauskas, Mariana Rebola, Cláudia Salgueiro, Mary T. Faria, João Amilcar Torres, Alexandru Ponoran, Herman Drowning, Beatriz M. Barrio, Clara Ferrão Tavares, Liudvika Toliušytė and Sevda Khatamian.

RAIZVANGUARDA offered a residency period to two of the participating Portuguese artists:

Mariana Rebola and Magriço. Their residency period will take place in August 2018. Congratulations to our upcoming residents! If you want to follow the creative process of our new artists, find us on Facebook and Instagram.