Exhibition in Coimbra

RAIZVANGUARDA (RV) is proud to present a brand new project; a visual art exhibition, which will be held in Coimbra. The exhibition will take place in the coming spring.

RV welcomes visual artists with a Portuguese background to participate in the RV Exhibition, taking place in Coimbra, in the spring of 2018. The central theme of the project is Roots and the aim of the exhibition is to allow Portuguese or Portugal-based artists to explore and express what the concept of Roots means to them. Artists are expected to have some form of connection with Portugal, as mentioned before, which is the only requirement for participation. The exhibition is open to professional artists as well as students of artistic studies. During the opening of the exhibition, an artist will be selected by a jury for a residency in RAIZVANGUARDA’s recidency programme.

RAIZVANGUARDA’s main target group for the residency programme so far has been international artists and RV’s main projects has unfolded abroad, so the purpose of the exhibition is to make connections with local artists and galleries with an aspiration for future collaborative projects and, of course to offer a free residency period to one artists who would be interested in cooperating with RV. During their residency, the artist will receive free promotion and the opportunity to have an exhibition at RV at the end of their residency period.

Follow the link to the GoFundMe Campaign to make a contribution to the project or feel free to share it with anyone who might be interested.

More info will come soon and there will be frequent updates here and on RV’ facebook page. Watch the video about the project and hear our current artist in residence Sevda Khatamian talk about the significance of collaborations between artists and why it’s important to share your art with the public.