Evaldas Bubinas and Algimantas Černiauskas

RAIZVNGUARDA has the pleasure of hosting the duo Evaldas Bubinas and Algimantas Černiauskas, two artists based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Read their interview below to get to know them and their creative thought processes.

Tell us about yourselves, what do you do?
Algimantas Černiauskas:
We were used to making bad burgers, so we decided to make some better ones. Felt, like, tired of useless activities, so we became like a team, that started to look for more fun, creative ideas that can give more joy to us and others in the result.
Evaldas Bubinas:
Yes. Nasty burgers. Looking for better ones. Digging deep holes, looking for meaning.
Bad, bad burgers…

In which field of art do you work, what topics are important for you as an artist? What are you passionate about?
Mostly I paint, but I’m always into experimentation with other media. The point of attention in my work is the quest for new forms and a deformation of existent ones with an aim to render contemporary subject’s search of identity, which basically communicates between our disturbed world and pure nature in a genre of abstract and portrayals picture.
I used to call myself an abstract painter and what I enjoy the most are the big paintings. As big as possible. I’ve been painting actively for more than 10 years already and I change styles time after time. Once I was so much into making only vertical-horizontal brush strokes, that it took me two years of painting only like that until I’ve surprised myself with forgotten oblique stroke.
So, I started as a painter, and it was a fine career, but then I got bored, so I involved myself in different kind of arts. I started to experiment with music, performances, videos, writings and other kinds of arts. And it was a good choice – not to be stuck in one flat surface of visual expressions.

Where are you from? What is your educational background?
I was born and grew up in Lithuania, in this tiny town surrounded by forests and poetic spirits, which is very beautiful. And now, for a more than a decade I’ve lived in the capital where I did my bachelor degree in Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. So most of the time I worked as a graphic designer too.
I was born in woods as well. Lol. I was born in a small, beautiful town; running in the woods and playing guitar.  After high school, I went to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. There, I fell in love with abstract painting. I obtained a master’s degree. After that I started to work as a barman for a few years: organizing parties, and painting as much as I could.
Anyway. We educate ourselves all the time. Even while walking into the bar.
Or digging holes with shovels.

What attracted you to come to RV as residents?
Wildfires. We’ve heard, that you had some huge ones in Portugal. The location of RV is the main reason why we came. To feel the energy of this terrible disaster.

What project are you working on?
We call our project “aesthetical documentation”. That includes filming, taking photos, drawing, playing music and meditating. Our object is landscapes, damaged by wildfires in surrounding areas, but our mission is abstract art.
Our artistic specialization is pretty wide.
We do not exclude the possibility that the residency and its locality will inspire the act of performance, musical composition or maybe even to write a small novel…
The purpose of our residence is, in essence, abstract art and the search for new tactics of creation.
We are sure, that under appropriate circumstances, before an exit, we will arrange some kind of installation and perform a tiny strange show.

What is your favorite part of RV?
We have everything we need. We especially love the black studio. It goes well with our thoughts.
Yes, very nice blackout kind of studio.

To get to know more about Algimantas Černiauskas, visit his website here, follow him on Facebook, visit his Instagram here or here, watch his videos on youtube or you can view his gallery here.

To get to know more about Evaldas Bubinas, you can visit his website here, follow him on Facebook, visit his Instagram here and here, and you can view his works here.

To find out more about the project they’re currently working on, here in RV, watch their interview here: