Hi folks! Don’t forget that the deadline for residency applications is in 7 days! The residency period is from Monday 2nd April 2018 – Wednesday 31st October 2018. Look on our Artists in Residency page to find our application form and send it to us before the 31st of October. Happy Halloween!


Naja and Liudvika are going to stay at RAIZVANGUARDA for a whole year, watch the video of the two new EVS volunteers of RAIZVANGUARDA and get to know them and their tasks better!


Curiosa Productions

Curiosa Productions brings together musicians and artists from across cultures and disciplines to create new work in international locations. On this summer’s residency, Other Lands Other Sounds, eight musicians from London have come together to write new music inspired by the people and places of Gois, drawing on improvisation, collaborative composition techniques, and the interplay of sound and visual arts. Their residency will conclude with a performance involving live performance, installations, video as well as a collaboration with the Gois Filarmónica da AERG.

For more information about Curiosa Productions and there work visit their website



Beatriz M. Barrio

Beatriz M Barrio is a visual artist and photographer based in Madrid, her work deals with issues of self-perception and with nature.
Her interest lies within the therapeutic qualities of making art and believes in the healing power of creativity. She combines her teaching activity as coordinator of the International Contemporary Photography Master Program at EFTI School of Photography in Madrid with her practice as an Art Therapist. She organizes creativity workshops in which she combines artistic and corporal techniques to allow a genuine expression and a deeper understanding of the self through the practice of art.

At Raizvanguarda Barrio will be working on a project called “About my father”, which is a creative piece of work inspired by the recent passing of her father and the religious part of his life as a minister. Barrio does a great job mixing painting and filming in a harmonious piece of performance art. The piece is inspired by religious symbols, childhood memories and the influence of natural light.

Beatriz M. Barrio will have an exhibition at Raizvanguarda on Saturday the 26th of August 2017 where she will show her work in collaboration with Paula Förstner.

If you want to see more of Beatriz’ work, go visit her web page.

Paula Förstner

Paula Förstner is an artist based in Madrid, working within the field of visual arts. She will be staying in Raizvanguarda for two weeks working on a project called “Seas of Fire” inspired by the quote “I am drowning, my dear, in seas of fire” by Virginia Woolfe.
This sentence of the feminist Virginia Wolfe is a metaphor of the way many women felt and feel today, caged in traditional roles both in family and society even political ties. It illuminates how many women live in society but don’t play an active role in it, which is exactly what Förstner is attempting to illustrate as well with her work.

Förstner has acquired materials such as pictures taken for a local seamstress from private donations as well as from the local abandoned paper factory. Her work focuses on the transparency of the materials and the way the paper works with natural light. There is an ongoing theme of womanhood and passion and how these themes have developed over time in her works. As Förstner gathered materials, she felt inspiration from the tiles that ornate the Portuguese houses in the villages surrounding Raizvanguarda, and she uses it as a format in many of her works.

Förstner states: “I started developing an artwork trying to bring forward their dreams, suffering, and lives reflected in old pictures taken usually once in their lives as a sort of proof of existence”.

As Förstner works, she thinks a lot about the women in the pictures, which are dated all the way back to before the 1920’s. She reflects on how their lives must’ve been and how they felt about the roles they were expected to fill. The pictures, as well as the other materials, are very precious to her and she works with it with remarkable consideration. For Förstner, the way she alters the pictures and other materials, it’s a way of commemorating the women, to pay an homage to their memory and to raise awareness of their situation.

On the 26th of August 2017 at 8 pm, Paula Förstner will have an exhibition at Raizvanguarda where she will exhibit her works in collaboration with the artist and photographer, Beatriz M. Barrio.

If you want to see more of Paula’s work, go visit her web page.


Open Call

Open call for young people or students under aged 18 -25, artists, social workers, teachers, psychologist/therapist or musicians, police officers.

marina pu screening copy

Opportunity to be interviewed for a new documentary Disquiet IDENTITIES by Taiwanese director Marina Pu, exploring the ideas identity, mental health and youth.

Potential interview and filming dates: 18th – 20th August.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact

Information about film and project:

Marina Pu is director, lives and works in England and Taiwan. She worked in the media industry in Taiwan as a director of films and television documentaries, 10 years ago.  Graduate and 2007 in Film and Television Production by Edinburgh University in the UK. Her films have been selected for several film festivals in England, Scotland and Europe. Marina teaches production for film and television in Taiwanese University in Asia since 2012. She develops documentary projects between Taiwan and Europe.


In her films, Marina focuses on topics such as “cultural diversity” and “humanity”, inspired by a strong Japanese culture linked to the visual arts, thanks to its cultural past in Taiwan, and also inspired by her life in Britain since 2006.

During her residency in Góis, Marina Pu will continue her long-term documentary project entitled disquiet IDENTITIES. The film takes as its starting point an event occurred in the underground Taipei, Taiwan, a violent crime involving a teenager. In its draft, Marina shows the filming of this event, displayed in the news programs of Taiwan, to students and professors, while the questions on issues of violence, crime, culture and youth.

After two residences, in Fukuoka, Japan, and Murcia, Spain, where she have worked with students and teachers, Marina comes to Lisbon to continue these interviews. This project is open to collaboration with university students and professors, the areas of Social Science and Law (among others).