Curiosa Productions - Curiosa Ensemble Concert

Saturday, September 2nd, The London-based group Curiosa Productions held a concert in the Casa da Cultura in central Góis. The concert consisted of the musical pieces that Curiosa Productions had been working on during their stay at Raizvanguarda. The pieces that were performed were contemporary, partially visual compositions created by the collaborative powers of the group. A part of the group were classically trained musicians, but the group as a whole explored new ways of making music and worked on achieving a harmonious sound by mixing the classical instruments with new, creative instruments. Many of the pieces also focused on the visual part of the music to give the spectator a visual as well as audible experience during their performance. In the midst of developing their own works, Curiosa collaborated with the photographer and performer Beatriz M. Barrio and created soundtracks for Barrio’s videos, which were presented conjointly at the Curiosa Ensemble performance on September 2nd.

Curiosa Productions, as well as Beatriz M. Barrio, brought something new to the table and educated Góis on contemporary music. The performance was well received by Góis’ population who enjoyed the new perspective that Curiosa presented.