Vanessa Circe - Live Painting

Friday the 13th of October, Vanessa Circe who is currently in a residency at Raizvanguarda did a live painting show at a party at the Pêgo Escuro in Góis. Circe started a new painting of a traditional Colombian monkey, which ties into her general theme about traditional Colombian symbols and spirituality.

If you want to see more of Circe’s work, you can visit her facebook page.


Curiosa Productions - Curiosa Ensemble Concert

Saturday, September 2nd, The London-based group Curiosa Productions held a concert in the Casa da Cultura in central Góis. The concert consisted of the musical pieces that Curiosa Productions had been working on during their stay at Raizvanguarda. The pieces that were performed were contemporary, partially visual compositions created by the collaborative powers of the group. A part of the group were classically trained musicians, but the group as a whole explored new ways of making music and worked on achieving a harmonious sound by mixing the classical instruments with new, creative instruments. Many of the pieces also focused on the visual part of the music to give the spectator a visual as well as audible experience during their performance. In the midst of developing their own works, Curiosa collaborated with the photographer and performer Beatriz M. Barrio and created soundtracks for Barrio’s videos, which were presented conjointly at the Curiosa Ensemble performance on September 2nd.

Curiosa Productions, as well as Beatriz M. Barrio, brought something new to the table and educated Góis on contemporary music. The performance was well received by Góis’ population who enjoyed the new perspective that Curiosa presented.

Curiosa Ensemble Concert Invitation


September 2nd, 6 pm, in Casa da Cultura de Gois

 Raizvanguarda and Curiosa Productions would like to invite everybody to the final concert. The performance “Other lands, Other Sounds” will take place on Saturday, September 2nd, in the auditorium of the Casa da Cultura in Gois at 6 pm.

Curiosa Productions brings together musicians and artists from across cultures and disciplines to create new work in international locations. On this summer’s residency, “Other Lands Other Sounds”, eight musicians from London have come together to write new music inspired by the people and places of Gois, drawing on improvisation, collaborative composition techniques, and the interplay of sound and visual arts. Their residency concludes with a performance involving live performance, installations, and video.

Link to the facebook event here.


Last Minute Call For Artists!

Raizvanguarda currently has slots open for artists from Saturday 9th September 2017 – Tuesday 31st October 2017. The deadline for applications is 5 pm, Friday 1st September 2017. Artists will be notified of a decision within one week after the deadline.

If you want to visit Raizvanguarda next season, there are slots open from Monday 2nd April 2018 – Wednesday 31st October 2018. The deadline is 5 pm, Tuesday 31st October 2017. 

To apply for our residency, please fill out the application form and send a CV along with a portfolio of maximum 10 works. Send it all to If you want to know more about our Artists In Residency Programme click here.

Uma Força Misteriosa

“A Mysterious Force” is an exhibition by Paula Förstner and Beatriz M. Barrio, who both come from Madrid, Spain. The two artists have come to Raizvanguarda to feel the inspiration of the Portuguese nature surrounding the school as well as to enjoy the beautiful work rooms of the school.

Both artists work with topics such as memories, womanhood and the influence of natural light.
This collaborative exhibition rose from the desire to display the works they have created during their stay at Raizvanguarda, almost as a ceremonial ending to their visit.

The exhibition will be held in Raizvanguarda’s rooms on Saturday the 26th of August at 8 pm.

To learn more about the artists’ intentions of this exhibition, you can read more on the facebook event.

V Amazonia Film Festival in Góis

After Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto, the 5th edition of Amazonia Film Festival came to Góis, through RAIZVANGUARDA RV) partnership and organization, during the last days 22 and 23 of November. By bringing this event to Góis, the aim of RAIZVANGUARDA is to provide more cultural offer to people from isolated areas.

The exhibitions of the documentaries and short films took place in School-Studio RAIZVANGUARDA, in Bordeiro, and in Casa da Cultura, in Góis. The public could watch for free 29 productions from Amazonia made by local filmmakers.

On 23, RAIZVANGUARDA hosted the closing ceremony of the event with the presence of the brazilian Vice-Consul, Tatiana Faucz, and the Mayor of Góis, Maria de Lurdes Castanheira.

During the event, both entities – Brazialian Consulate and Góis Municipality – were honored by RAIZVANGUARDA for the support that they have been giving to our organization.

The President of RV, Luís Carvalho, used the moment to remember that the organization want to cooperate with other organizations and projects and is very thankful to Góis’ people for the support that they give.