Neil Tomkins

RAIZVANGUARDA welcomes the artist and painter, Neil Tomkins to the residency! During his time here, Tomkins will be working on his paintings as well as an experimental documentary in collaboration with our other artist... Read more

Yuri Nezovič

RAIZVANGUARDA is proud to announce the arrival of the Australian artist and film-maker, Yuri Nezovič. Nezovič is working in close collaboration with our other artist in residence, Neil Tomkins, on an experimental docum... Read more

Eglė Mikalajūnė

RAIZVANGUARDA has the pleasure of hosting curator and critic Eglė Mikalajūnė from Vilnius, Lithuania! If you'd like to hear what Mikalajūnė is working on during her residency, read her interview below.

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Beate Kuhn

RAIZVANGUARDA welcomes the artist Beate Kuhn to the residency. To get to know her and her work, read the interview below. What do you do? In which field of art do you work? What are you passionate about? My work is based on recon... Read more