Beatriz M. Barrio

Beatriz M Barrio is a visual artist and photographer based in Madrid, her work deals with issues of self-perception and with nature.
Her interest lies within the therapeutic qualities of making art and believes in the healing power of creativity. She combines her teaching activity as coordinator of the International Contemporary Photography Master Program at EFTI School of Photography in Madrid with her practice as an Art Therapist. She organizes creativity workshops in which she combines artistic and corporal techniques to allow a genuine expression and a deeper understanding of the self through the practice of art.

At Raizvanguarda Barrio will be working on a project called “About my father”, which is a creative piece of work inspired by the recent passing of her father and the religious part of his life as a minister. Barrio does a great job mixing painting and filming in a harmonious piece of performance art. The piece is inspired by religious symbols, childhood memories and the influence of natural light.

Beatriz M. Barrio will have an exhibition at Raizvanguarda on Saturday the 26th of August 2017 where she will show her work in collaboration with Paula Förstner.

If you want to see more of Beatriz’ work, go visit her web page.