Anna Dobrova

Raizvanguarda welcomes another artist, Anna Dobrova - a Vienna-based, Ukranian artist who will be in our residency for a short while, working on her personal project. Below is an interview with the Dobrova, allowing you to get to know her a little be... Read more

Sevda Khatamian

Raizvanguarda welcomes another artist to our residency; Sevda Khatamian who came all the way from Turkey to experience what Raizvanguarda has to offer. Read the interview to get to know Khatamian and her work better What attracted you to c... Read more

Vanessa Circe - Live Painting

Friday the 13th of October, Vanessa Circe who is currently in a residency at Raizvanguarda did a live painting show at a party at the Pêgo Escuro in Góis. Circe started a new painting of a traditional Colombian monkey, which ties into her general the... Read more

Karin Eden - An Interview

What attracted you to come to RAIZVANGUARDA as a resident? The reason I wanted to come to RV relates to my research theme, which is the Portuguese notion of the 'Saudade' - a deep sense of longing or nostalgia that cannot be transla... Read more

Board Member Interviews

Would you like to get to know the board members a little better? We present to you an exclusive interview with the board members of Raizvanguarda! Keep reading to learn the motivation behind the creation of Raizvanguarda, the project manager, the men... Read more