Sasha Godiaieva

Raizvanguarda welcomes yet another artist to our residency! The Ukranian Sasha Godiaieva, who will be painting a lovely mural in Raizvanguarda the coming days. We look forward to your decorating of Raizvanguarda!

What attracted you to come to RV as a resident?As we know, the environment largely determines our habits and mood.
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Hi folks! Don’t forget that the deadline for residency applications is in 7 days! The residency period is from Monday 2nd April 2018 – Wednesday 31st October 2018. Look on our Artists in Residency page to find our application form and send it to us before the 31st of October. Happy Halloween!

Anna Dobrova

Raizvanguarda welcomes another artist, Anna Dobrova – a Vienna-based, Ukranian artist who will be in our residency for a short while, working on her personal project. Below is an interview with the Dobrova, allowing you to get to know her a little better.
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Sevda Khatamian

Raizvanguarda welcomes another artist to our residency; Sevda Khatamian who came all the way from Turkey to experience what Raizvanguarda has to offer. Read the interview to get to know Khatamian and her work better

What attracted you to come to Raizvanguarda as a resident?
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Vanessa Circe - Live Painting

Friday the 13th of October, Vanessa Circe who is currently in a residency at Raizvanguarda did a live painting show at a party at the Pêgo Escuro in Góis. Circe started a new painting of a traditional Colombian monkey, which ties into her general theme about traditional Colombian symbols and spirituality.

If you want to see more of Circe’s work, you can visit her facebook page.