Escola Estúdio RAIZVANGUARDA is located in Bordeiro, just outside of Góis. This small village is a perfect place for anyone to reconnect with the beautiful nature surrounding Raizvanguarda. Many come to Bordeiro to ensure tranquillity in their lifestyle and to be part of a community. People are attracted by the peaceful atmosphere in Bordeiro and they come from big cities or from abroad to enjoy the way of life in there. Only 10 families live there, but they are really one big family and no matter who you are or where you are from, you can be sure that you are welcome in Bordeiro.

The village lies at the foot of a mountain, not far from Góis, where many experiences await. From our school, there is a breathtaking view over Bordeiro and the mountains surrounding it, which only adds to the authentic experience of coming to a Portuguese village.