Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Anyone over the age of 18 working with the visual arts, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and those working in cultural areas.

Do I need to have a specific project in mind?
Yes, we would like to see an outline or general plan of your ideas and intentions written in the application, however, we do understand this might vary once you begin your work.

Do you require letters of recommendation?

How long will the application processing take?
The application process will take a maximum of 2 weeks.

Do you offer any sort of financial aid?
Our residencies are self-funded. Many of our residents have received grants from their local art councils or funding from their home country. See our Financial Support For Artists page for details on funding available inside and outside of Portugal.

What kind of accommodation do I get?
We provide a gender neutral 6 bedroom dorm-style apartment within the RV premises meaning we can have up to 6 artists using the space any one time. This includes a kitchen, dining space, bathroom and access to outdoor terrace and garden.

How much of RV grounds can I use?
Residents have access to 2 large studios/exhibition spaces 40m2, 1 smaller studio space and access to garden. If residents would like to access to the local Cultural Centre in Góis, we must be informed well in advance.

Can I have visitors to stay?
No, the Artist apartment and studio is provided by RV for The Artist sole use. Artists may not have overnight visitors in the accommodation. There are guesthouses in Góis and several local hotels, where guests may pay to stay in a normal manner.

Is there heating in winter?
The studio spaces have a wood burner and radiators. November – February can be chilly in the Góis area so we encourage you to bring along warm clothing during this time.

Does the cost include bills for gas and electricity?

Where can I hire a car?
Cars can be hired in Coimbra or Porto upon your arrival in the country.

Are there towels and linen provided?

Is there a kitchen?

Are pots and pans provided?
Yes, the kitchen has basic utensils.

Where can I buy food?
In Góis village centre (45 minute walk or 15 minute bikeride) there is a supermarket, bakery and many cafes/restaurants. There are also cash machines.

How many artists are usually resident at one time?
We have a maximum of 6 artists at one time, but it depends on the time of year. If a resident stays for a few months then they may experience quiet peaceful times interspersed with busier times – but generally speaking we provide a peaceful space to carry out your work.

Is there Internet access?
Yes, there is Wi-Fi in our studios and dorm.

Where can I buy art materials?
Some basic standard materials can be bought in local shops in Góis and our neighbouring villages Arganil and Lousã. Please let us know what you need and we’ll see if we can arrange it for you. However, we advise artists to bring the materials with them.

Can I exhibit or perform my work at the RV studios?
Yes, we encourage all residents to share their work during the residency. This can take form as an informal sharing, open rehearsal or a public performance.

What else is there to do?
There is plenty to do in the area, in addition to being able to connect to our neighbouring villages and closest city Coimbra by bus. Góis has many restaurants and cafes, along with a gym which holds many regular classes across the week. Góis has the Ceira river and a number of watercourses in the municipality, all with permanent character that support the watersheds of Mondego River. It’s the perfect place for outdoors enthusiasts with walking trails.