Vanessa Circe

Vannessa Circe (Colombia), October 2017, Visual Arts, Tradition, Race/Class/Gender Equality, Ecology/Art in Nature.

Vanessa Circe is a 22-year-old Colombian artist currently enjoying a residency at RAIZVANGUARDA. Circe paints oil paintings with ongoing themes of preservation of traditions, omnipresent spiritual symbols, resilience towards ongoing conflicts, and especially the exploitation of nature and indigenous territories. The beautiful nature surrounding RAIZVANGUARDA is a source of inspiration to the motifs of Circe’s paintings and her current project revolves around political concepts and Colombian indigenous beliefs and traditions.

The self-taught artist has been traveling since the age of 17 and is using her experience with intercultural exchange to fuel her work process.

If you want to know more about Circe’s works, you can visit her facebook page.