Sasha Godiaieva

Sasha Godiaieva (Ukraine), October 2017, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Mental Health/Well-being.

What attracted you to come to RV as a resident?
As we know, the environment largely determines our habits and mood.
I believe that by being surrounded by talented people and an atmosphere conducive to creativity, I can open my most creative potential. I realized that when I work and interact with other people I am a walking laboratory of ideas, opportunities, creative processes, and experiments. I live, breathe, learn, and dream and lots of people do that with me. In a sense, as we do things together, we live in each other. Therefore, my laboratory is my open heart and a passionate readiness to create at all times. My heart is a home for ideas and inspiration, for everything that comes to us from the higher spheres.
Also, I see traveling as a chance to discover new worlds, as we get to know ourselves through the cultures of other countries. Therefore with joy and great pleasure I would like to get acquainted with a new culture for me. I am very glad that such programs like yours allow such artists as I to travel and reveal their creativity.

Where are you from? Tell us about your educational background?
I am from Ukraine, but I lived more than five years in Milan, Italy. I did two years of a Graphic Design program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev and a 3-year course of ISTITUTO MARANGONI graphic design course.

In which field of art do you work, what topics are important to you as an artist? What are you passionate about?
I believe that necessary ideas and inspiration come at the right time in the right place. My project is already half realized in my heart and mind, and it has to be born in order to echo in the hearts of other people. I would like to make an exhibition of deep, full images on the long canvases in my distinctive graphic manner. In addition to that, I would like to animate some of my works in order to show how these images come to life in each of us. Also am working on some light installation right now for my first solo show abroad.

Tell us a bit about the project you’re working on here in Raizvanguarda.
Now I am working on some urban drawings. Creating murals is the most inspiring process for me, and it is always so much fun. You create something in an urban environment where everyone has the right to speak out, to be an artist, actually the right to everything, because that house, street, city, or country belongs to everyone. It is a city gallery where everyone can try a role of an art critic or a connoisseur. I find it fascinating, as you encounter a variety of emotions and can observe your reactions to them. Such self-awareness.

What do you like the most about Raizvanguarda?
I am absolutely amazed by how RV is in the middle of nowhere. The best environment for me right now!  Thank you for this opportunity and good company!

If you want to know more about Godiaieva and want to see more of her work, go visit her official facebook page, company’s facebook page, website and Instagram. And if you want to hear her vastly interesting thoughts on the invention of new art, watch her interview here: