Ekaterina Zlatoverkhovnikova (Russia), May 2017, Ecology/art in nature, tradition, well-being.

AOW (France) May, June, 17, Music, Poetry

Cristina Miltd (Germany), June 2017, Life and Death.

Dicle Dogan (Turkey), June 2017, dance.

Richard Webster (Scotland), June 2017, Music, human rights, well-being.

Lidia Stanchenko (Russia), July 2017, Literature and Performance, Race/Class/Gender Equality, Well-being.

Marisol Maza (Mexico), July 2017, Tradition.

Virginie Fillion-Fecteau (Canada), July 2017, Literature, Visual arts, photography, Citizenship /Migration, Tradition, Race/Class/Gender Equality, Well-being.

Paula Förstner (Germany/Spain), August 2017, Visual Arts, Gender Equality (Uma Força Misteriosa).

Beatriz M. Barrio (Spain), August 2017, Visual Arts, Photography, Well-being, Tradition, Life and Death (Uma Força Misteriosa).

Curiosa Productions (England), August 2017, Music, Visual Arts, Innovation, Well-being.

Karin Eden (Israel), October 2017, Visual Arts, Literature, Media Arts, Curation and Theory, Human Rights, Innovation, Tradition, Well-being.

Vannessa Circe (Colombia), October 2017, Visual Arts, Tradition, Race/Class/Gender Equality, Ecology/Art in Nature.

Anna Dobrova (Ukraine), October 2017, Architecture, Citizenship/Migration, Ecology/Art in Nature, Tradition.

Sasha Godiaieva (Ukraine), October 2017, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Mental Health/Well-being.

Robert John Paterson (Canada), October 2017, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Photography, Tradition, Innovation, Well-being.

Sevda Khatamian (Iran/Turkey), October 2017, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Memories, Art in Nature, Well-being.