Dominique McDougal (Florida, USA), January/February 2016, dance.

Tom Holmes (Texas, USA) February 2016, painting, mental health/well-being.

Hayrettin Umit Ozdogan (Turkey), March 2016, painting.

Jessica Ostrowicz (UK) and Shengjie Zong (China), March 2016, [Hat, Stick, Shoe], installation.

Monica Sharon (Hungary), April 2016, dance.

Hannah Owens (Illinois, USA), March/April 2016, research, curatorial work.

Eveline de Lange (Netherlands), April 2016, embroidery, tradition/innovation.

Reza Mirabi (Iran) and Jozefien Beckers (Belgium), April 2016, [IrrationalStudies], dance performance.

Susan Buckow (Germany), May 2016, [Natural Utopia], illustration.

Ariane Pfannschmidt (Germany), May 2016, research, visual arts, tradition/innovation.

Suwan Kim (South Korea), May 2016, installation, video.

Caroline Corleone (Germany), June 2016, [Mapping the Blues], research, painting.

Ariel Melo (Brazil), July 2016, street art, graffiti.

Corentin Le Flohic (France), July 2016, performance, LGBT rights.

Giuseppe Buzzotta (Italy), August 2016, [The next seat], neon, installation.

Ufuk Senel (Turkey) and Lerna Babikyan (Armenia), August/September 2016.

Pictoric (Ukraine), September 2016, [Tandem] , graphic design.

Makers Collective (UK), September 2016, music.

Anna Laicane (Latvia), September 2016, painting, nature.

Elizabeth Shev (Australia), October 2016, painting.

Claire Gauzente (France), October 2016, research.

Charlie Morris (Texas, USA), October/November 2016, installation, Race/Class/Gender equality.

Rūta Petronytė (Lithuania), November 2016, jewelry, tradition/innovation.