Financial Support For Artists

We encourage artists to apply for grants or sponsors in their countries of origin to support their residency program. We are also happy to provide letters of support, or invitation letters, to support your application to a funder or embassy.

Below you will find some institutions that provide financial support in Portugal:

The GDA Foundation program

Finances workshops and residencies, in order to encourage continuing education, technical and artistic appreciation and further theoretical research in each of the arts support represented by GDA: Dance, Drama, and Music.

Instituto Camões

Research and study of the Portuguese culture

Centro Nacional da Cultura

Supports training or creation projects submitted by young people aged up to 30 years, residing in Portugal or Portuguese, in the fields of music, literature, visual and fine arts.

Below are some organizations and networks that provide funding and advice outside of Portugal:

European Cultural Foundation

Step Beyond Travel Grant funds emerging artists and supports all kinds of cross-border creativity. They give priority to individuals up to 35 years and/or in the first 10 years of their career to travel between EU and countries bordering the EU.

Cultural 360

Provides up to date information about funding opportunities and for artistic practice between Asia and Europe.

International Fund for the Promotion of Culture

Supports the production of cultural and artistic work. The organization of cultural and artistic events of national, regional and/or international scope contributes to the establishment of culture and the development strategies for the programme IFPC.

Embassy or Consulate Support

In addition to the above, previous residents have also been successful in receiving funds from their embassy or consualte in Portugal. If you require a letter of support for your application to an embassy, please let us know in advance and we would be happy to help.