Our organisation

Founded in 2014, RAIZVANGUARDA – Associação Cultural (RV) is an international and independent non-profit organisation, with the aim to bring together people from across cultures, countries and communities, using art as a working language. RV supports young people, artists and other creative thinkers developing their projects, initiatives and ideas in a rural setting. RV is settled in a primary school, closed during the late 2000s financial crisis, and reopened to the public as a cultural centre for international artists, young people and the local community.


RV brings people together
We aim to become a leading cultural organization working collaboratively with individuals, non-formal groups, partners, stakeholders and public and private institutions.

RV promotes art works and brings cultural actors together
We aim to support the creation, production and dissemination of art works, becoming a platform for artists and cultural agents, promoting creative collaborations and exchange of artistic practices between organizations, practitioners and theorists.

RV strengthens active youth
We aim to provide information on mobility, training and education opportunities for young people, supporting their ideas and projects.

RV builds audiences
RV aims to provide educational, cultural and artistic activities for communities of rural and geographically disadvantaged areas, as well as an international audience and community of artists.

Why Góis?
Góis is the ideal place for moving forward with this project, not only because of its history, beautiful landscapes or infrastructure but also because creating an organization like ours in the rural and isolated context, is challenging. After pulling these ingredients together, we decided to embrace this challenge: develop Góis through art and develop art through Góis. However, we want to develop our work in the surrounding regions, in the country and around the world by collaborating on other projects.