Located near Ceira Valley, Góis is based in the arms of Rabadão and Carvalhal mountains. The towns of Colmeal, Cadafaz, Vila Nova do Ceira and Góis are crossed by the crystal clear waters of the river Ceira. In Alvares, the waters of Sinhel and Mega rivers flow. The 1043 meters of Penedos de Góis is an invitation to those who love adventures and exploring emotions with Nature. Honey, chestnuts, roasted lamb, chanfana and Schist Villages are part of the traditions of this region. Hispano-Arabic tiles, the Royal Bridge, the tomb of D. Luís da Silveira – a renaissance work crafted by artists like Filipe Hodart, Diogo de Castilho e João de Ruão -, the Castel Chapel and the ceilings of Paços do Concelho are some of the things that belong to the historic heritage of Góis. This is nine centuries of History and Góis has so many things to show and tell.