Our board

Our board members serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every even year.

The following board was elected on March 19th 2017.

Luís Carvalho
Denisas Kolomyckis
Margaria Sampaio
Carlos Barata
António Sampaio
Alternate member: Claire Sivier

General Assembly
Maria do Rosário Rosa
Inês Antunes
Maria Eduarda Simões
Alternate member: David Clapham

Supervisory Board
Carla Duarte
Christine Vesey
Mafalda Rosa
Alternate member: Teresa Barata

Would you like to get to know the board members a little better? We present to you an exclusive interview with the board members of Raizvanguarda! Keep reading to learn the motivation behind the creation of Raizvanguarda, the project manager, the mentors and much more.

Luís Carvalho – Director & National Project Development Manager

What is your role and how long have you been a member of Raizvanguarda?
I am the President of the Direction Board and the Project development manager, and I have been a part from RV since the beginning 4 years ago.

How did you come up with the idea to establish RV? What was your motivation?
The idea came to me after I returned to Góis following an almost 10-year absence. I’d been living in different cities and countries and I felt like spending some time at home. I had just met Denisas and Inês, the other co-founders, and we all felt at the same stage. Góis had very good infrastructures but underdeveloped by the lack of knowledge of the local government, so I felt that we could help by proving the community with high-quality cultural and artistic activities.

Tell me about your educational background?
I’ve studied Sound and Image at ESAD.cr.

What do you do besides working in the residency? What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about traveling, languages and art & culture. At the moment, I am learning to play the piano and saxophone as well as learning Russian and Polish. I am also into books, movies, and politics.

Where do you see RV in the future?
I see RAIZVANGUARDA having a bigger role in the local cultural development and continuing working in an international setting, both in the youth and cultural field.

What do you like the most about this place?
I like the nature around it, the peacefulness, and the opportunity of working in this international team, which turns this small village into a multicultural habitat.

Claire Sivier | International Project Development Manager

How did you find out about Raizvanguarda?
I originally became aware of Raizvanguarda when researching a European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteer position in 2014, and I was then excited to be able to take on the EVS role in the summer of 2015 with the organisation.

Why did you decide to join the board?
When my EVS role came to an end in July 2016, I felt a real connection to the organisation and the work it was doing and excited about the future – the impact it can make in Gois, Portugal and the wider international artistic community is an exciting prospect – it really feels like we are just at the beginning of something very special. Moving forward, having had project and organisational management experience in the past, the team felt it was possible for me to support organisation on a more strategic level for future planning, developing international relationships and supporting the organisational infrastructure.

What do you do besides working in the residency?
Outside of RV I work as an Arts & Cultural Producer & Youth Arts Facilitator, I collaborate with artists, young people, and consult with the community in which work is produced, often to meet a shared vision or goal. I develop and drive projects forward from their conception to delivery, addressing practicalities, funding, production, safeguarding and implementing research and evaluation models in order to ensure learnings are embedded within organisations, the community and the wider arts sector. I’m particularly passionate about working with those from diverse backgrounds or those marginalised – I hope through art and activism we can continue to push through boundaries and carve more space for everyone.

Where do you see RV in the future?
In the future, I hope RV firmly establishes itself as an international art and cross-cultural hub both in Gois and internationally; having more cross-border partnerships and projects as well continuing to be a safe haven for those who want to create.

What do you like the most about RV?
What I love most about RV and Gois is the general calm and warmth from the space, people and village. Personal I have felt like a member of the community here and welcomed into the homes of those who I now consider family.

Margarida Sampaio | Direction

How did you find out about Raizvanguarda?
I found out about Raizvanguarda when Luís, Denis and Inês met me to talk about a project they had in mind, which they wanted to come true as an Association, and they invited me to be a board member and a co-funder of Raizvanguarda.

Why did you decide to join the board?
I was really excited when they told me everything about the project. Everything sounded great to me and I really wanted to be a part of this, so a “yes” was the right answer to give to them. Góis really needed something like this to develop a little bit more in terms of culture.

What is your role and how long have you been a member of RV?
I started as a co-funder and I’m now the treasurer (don’t know if it’s the right way to say it) and I’ve been a member of RV for 4 years, since the beginning.

Tell us about your educational background.
I’m currently finishing Law School.

What do you do besides working in the residency?
I really love photography and I occasionally do some photoshoots. I also love crocheting and I’m currently working for a Portuguese brand that sells crochet plushies. I’m also very interested in Feminism and the LGBT cause, so I’m always reading and learning more about it, as I would like to work professionally in that area.

Where do you see RV in the future?
I see RV always growing in the way it has grown so far. Always giving art and artists the opportunity to show themselves and, most of all, giving Góis and the world a door that is always open to new projects, new ideas, new people.

What do you like the most about this place?
What I like the most about RV is the people it has given me, that I not only consider my friends but a true family.

António Sampaio – Direction

How did you find out about Raizvanguarda?
I found out about RV from my sister, Margarida, because she was already involved in the organization while I still wasn’t that much aware of what was going on.

Why did you decide to join the board?
Art and culture is something that I really like to spend time exploring, and once I was asked to be part of the organization where I’ve seen so much ambition, good projects, and growth of my homeland, I think it was the gate to start being part of it.

What is your role and how long have you been a member of RV?
I have very recently joined RV. I am currently a mentor for the volunteer, but I aim to someday be more participative.

Tell us about your educational background?
I went to elementary school in Góis. After that, I went to Arganil to study in high school in the sciences area. Now, I’m at the University of Coimbra studying Engineering Physics.

What do you do besides working in the residency?
Besides working in the residency I do everything I can to understand the universe, to enjoy the beautiful moments in life and nature. I try to explore the world when possible and to listen to some pretty good music.

Where do you see RV in the future?
I see RV where RV has been: In the World and in Góis, even though Góis is part of the world. The growth of the organization is something that I see happening easily because of the commitment of the people who work in the organization and because of the good ideas and opportunities that are always showing up.

What do you like the most about RV?
Physically, the environment surrounding it, of course! Personally, the diversity of ideas and opinions into the organization and the people involved in its growth, the opportunities for learning and experiencing the world always coming up and the personal contact with artists creation and the reasons behind it.